Ready To Dump your Satellite Provider?

Want TV Channels with NO MONTHLY FEES!?!

To save money we can help you customize your antenna installation in a few easy steps.

No expensive and unnecessary bundling here!

Step 1. Start with your standard install.....

$175- Standard Professional installation (online discount price) includes:

  • Technician Truck Roll
  • Standard mount
  • Cabling
  • Connecting service to one TV.

Step 2. Choose if you want a non-standard mount to better your reception.

(Not sure about this one? The technician can recommend one onsite, most people go with the free one.)

  • Free- Standard Mount
  • $30- 4' J Mount (recommended)
  • $150- 30' Mast
  • $200- 40' Mast (+$50 if guy wire needed)
  • $300- 50' Mast (guy wire included)
  • For towers, call for a quote.

  • $75- 60+ mile range antenna (recommended)
  • $150- 70+ mile range antenna
  • $20- assemble and use an antenna provided by customer.
  • Free- preassembled antenna provided by customer.

  • Free- 1st TV comes with the standard installation.
  • $30- Each extra TV after the 1st.

Don't have time to do all that math but still want to customize your install?

Take a look at our quick reference price chart and see how much your custom install would cost.

Wondering what channels you would get for FREE? Take a look below! This will give you an idea of what channels to expect depending on what area you live in.

Dallas Fort Worth Area Channel List

1st-Call Sign | 2nd-Affiliate | 3rd-Channel | #

Tyler-Longview Area Channel List

1st-Call Sign | 2nd-Affiliate | 3rd-Channel | #

***DISCLAIMER*** The channel lineups above, are solely for reference purposes only and are channels in which could be available in the general area. There is NO guarantee of any particular channel at your location using antennas. Programming will vary based on individual circumstances.